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5 de Mar de 2018

How to look rich on a budget?

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How to look rich on a budget?


Hello, people. I took a break from posting, well if you really call it posting. Long story short, this new post is about 'how to look rich on a budget?'.


Well, you do have to spend some, but not counted in thousands though. Maybe 100 euros max, if you are shopping on sale. But, let's assume that you already have at least some of the pieces I am going to present. So get a piece of paper and a pencil, and start writing now!



What I mostly notice when it comes to the colours celebrities or rich people usually prefer is the  nude colours. Light pink, light brown, beige, white, and any other colour that looks quiet simple. Simplicity adds to a more exclusive style. In other words LESS IS MORE. Therefor, any nude looking piece of clothing that you have, use it. If not, they don't cost a lot at these regular stores.

2. Coats, coats and just coats


Coats, whether if it's winter, spring or autumn they always look classy. Coats often symbolise wealth and power. As funny as it sounds, take a look at all the historic figures, Napoleon Bonaparte sure knew how to rock one. Coats could be purchased at an affordable price in case you don't own one. Just chase the season of sale, because I got mine for 50 euros. Hit the stores like Zara, H&M, Esprite and you will be able to find a proper, classy coat.

3. White shirts

Next, white shirts complete the whole look. In my opinion whenever I see someone wearing a white shirt, I usually think: 'That person must be really important.' White shirts don't require a lot of money, just make sure it looks appealing on your body.

4. Glasses


Well, if you thought you could skip the glasses, well I am sorry to tell you, but you can't. I don't think I have ever seen a celebrity roaming down the streets without their glasses. Don't go for Gucci, Louis Vuttion or whatsoever if you can't afford it. Zara has nice glasses too. You can also look at thrift stores, you might dig up old school glasses which are really popular these days. This season I recommend 70's style inspired glasses, just because of their frame and transparent lenses. It looks cool. [...]

P.S. try to spend at least 15 euros on them.




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